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Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys Note: FDA Announces New ID System to Better Target Recalls

Stryker hip recall attorneys

Stryker hip recall attorneysAmidst a growing number of lawsuits against Stryker, manufacturer of recently-recalled Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implant systems, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that the organization will launch a new system to identify high-risk medical devices, much like those affected by the recall.

Launch of New Identification System

The FDA hopes to identify product problems in a quicker manner in an effort to improve patient safety. According to a September 20, 2013 update on the FDA’s website, the organization plans to phase in a unique device identification system (UDI) that will require each device placed on the market to be labeled with a number indicating its manufacturing date, expiration date and model.

The FDA will mainly focus on high-risk medical devices, including metal-on-metal hip implants similar to the now-recalled Stryker ABG II and Rejuvenate modular-neck hip stems. The system will now allow federal regulators to improve the accuracy of adverse event reports and efficiently identify specific medical devices while indicating potential complications with each model. While the agency can do little about the mounting Stryker lawsuits, the FDA hopes to implement the new system to better manage the reports surrounding future high-risk medical devices.

Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuits

The most recent court records report that more than 600 Stryker lawsuits were brought by plaintiffs and their Stryker hip recall attorneys alleging suffering from debilitating premature device failure, metallosis, swelling and pain due to complications caused by the ABG II and Rejuvenate metal hip implants.

In addition to 382 cases against Stryker pending in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court, over 290 Stryker lawsuits are pending in a federal litigation in the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota. These cases all allege that the two systems were defective in design, given the possibility for their metal parts to corrode and fret at the modular-neck junction. Many plaintiffs working with Stryker hip recall attorneys were  required to undergo revision surgery to remove the allegedly defective device after it prematurely failed.

Stryker Hip Implants and Stryker Recalls

A traditional hip implant consists of two main components: A femoral stem with a ball and a cup that is placed into the acetabulum of the patient’s pelvis. Stryker’s Rejuvenate system included four separate components: A metal neck, a ball, a femoral stem and an acetabular cup. While Stryker allegedly represented that the extra parts would provide better support in younger, more active patients, the metal components allegedly rubbed together, releasing metal shards into the patient’s bloodstream, tissues and bones.

In April 2012, following complaints of plaintiffs and Stryker hip recall attorneys, the manufacturer warned the medical community of the potential complications associated with the device. Three months later, on July 6, 2012, Stryker announced that the company would voluntarily recall both the Rejuvenate and ABG II systems. Stryker acknowledged that studies concluded that there was a possibility of the device rubbing and corroding after implantation, causing patients severe pain and swelling.

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