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Broadspire to Handle Stryker Hip Claims

Stryker Hip ClaimThose who have been affected by the recall of Stryker ABG II and Rejuvenate modular hip stems may expect to receive a letter from their healthcare provider with information pertaining to the Broadspire Stryker hip claim program. Recently, Stryker, the manufacturer of the recalled products, has announced that the company is working with Broadspire Services Inc., a third-party claims coordinator, to properly address expenses incurred by patients as a result of the recall. If you receive a letter, contact experienced attorneys who can review the process to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.

What is the Stryker Hip Recall?

In July 2012, Stryker announced a voluntary recall of its ABG II and Rejuvenate modular hip stems. According to plaintiffs and attorneys, while the devices were intended to provide surgeons with a method to correct different aspects of patients’ anatomy and hip biomechanics, studies and adverse event reports showed that the hip systems had a high potential to fret and corrode at the neck junction. This led to numerous reports of pain, swelling and reactions from healthy tissues in the area.

Over 20,000 hip implants were involved in the recall, and the manufacturer warned patients who had already been fitted with the devices that they were at risk of certain side effects and conditions. Since the recall, Stryker has advised medical professionals to perform clinical examinations including cross section imaging and bloodwork on patients who were fitted with the affected hip implants, regardless of whether the patient is complaining symptoms. According to the manufacturer, Stryker has received reports from those with little to no symptoms that had been diagnosed with adverse local tissue reactions or tested positive for elevated metal ion levels.

About the Stryker Hip Claim Process

Individuals who receive a Stryker letter from their healthcare provider with information about the Broadspire Stryker hip claim program may want to seek the legal assistance of experienced attorneys before contacting Broadspire to ensure that they are protected. Speaking directly to the claims administrator may put your claim in jeopardy if you offer information that the company can then use as evidence against you if you decide in the future that you want to file a lawsuit to seek additional compensation for your injuries and damages.

Earlier this year, Stryker announced that they would reimburse patients for treatment, testing, revision surgeries and other costs related to the recall. Additionally, the Stryker hip claim program for physicians directed doctors to submit deductibles, co-payments and bills for uninsured patients directly to Broadspire to ensure that they would be correctly processed. Stryker also directed physicians and surgeons to inform patients that Broadspire would be working directly with them on their claims.

In theory, the system provides the manufacturer with the opportunity to send “Dear Doctor” letters to the physicians at hospitals and medical facilities across the country. The doctor should pass the information onto his or her patients, yet they are not under any legal obligation to do so. Additionally, Stryker and other manufacturers using this program are not physically allowed to contact patients, despite their responsibility to do so, because of privacy and HIPAA laws.

However, although Stryker claims that they will provide reimbursement to patients for necessary procedures, they do not define what they consider to be a “necessary” treatment, test or revision surgery or even whom would deem the procedure necessary. Stryker’s Web site also neglects to define the “other costs” for which patients would be eligible to be reimbursed. It is unclear if patients would receive financial compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages that are not directly related to their medical treatments.

It’s Not Too Late to Participate in the Stryker Hip Claim Program

If you or someone you love have been injured and need more information about Broadspire or the Stryker hip claim process, the attorneys at the American Injury Attorney Group can help. As an injured consumer, it is vital that you work with attorneys to learn about your legal rights. We can provide answers to your questions and put you in contact with an experienced lawyer at no cost to you. It is vital to speak with attorneys prior to discussing your claim with Broadspire as saying anything incorrect could result in the disclosure of information that could be used as evidence against you if you choose to file a lawsuit. So contact the American Injury Attorney Group today for more information.

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