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DePuy Sued in Stryker Hip Lawsuit

stryker hip lawsuit

          stryker hip lawsuitA subsidiary of Stryker Corporation is accusing a competitor and five former employees of breach of contract in the amount of $3 million. DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. is accused by Howmedica Osteonics of poaching former Stryker salesmen Keegan Freeman, Taylor Smith, Michael Nordyke, Brett Sarkisian, and Bryan Watt. The basis of the claim is rooted in a noncompete agreement that was effective for one year after the resignation of the salesmen.

          Stryker claims that the move was calculated to deny the company assets and negatively impact their earnings due to how the resignations came to be. The resignation letters were all written similarly, came at a similar time, and all five former Stryker employees went to work for DePuy shortly thereafter, marketing products to area doctors. The damages of $3 million are Stryker’s estimated losses for 2014 due to the alleged breach of contract. 

          The five former employees were key members of the Howmedica marketing team responsible for promoting trauma and orthopedic reconstructive products to surgeons and physicians throughout the Bakersfield and Fresno, CA area. Stryker estimates it will suffer as much as a 90% loss of sales for its reconstructive devices and as much as 70% of its trauma parts sales in the area. Charges against the five former employees include breach of duty, breach of loyalty, and breach of contract. Charges against DePuy include tortious interference with contract, two counts of tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, aiding and abetting breach of duty of loyalty, corporate raiding, and unfair advantage.

A Reflection On Stryker Hip Lawsuit Actions
          The average person does not have a legal team on their payroll; for corporations, however, it is standard procedure. Therefore, Stryker wanting to file a lawsuit against a competitor and an injured patient wanting to file a lawsuit against Stryker are two very different scenarios. It is impossible to completely level the playing field, but victims of Stryker’s defective hip replacements who are considering filing a Stryker hip lawsuit would be wise to consider contacting the American Injury Attorney Group. Trying to live life with a faulty metal-on-metal hip while also possibly paying for expensive revision surgeries is enough to deal with without trying to file a Stryker hip lawsuit against the manufacturer on your own.

Seeking Legal Counsel
          A free, no obligation consultation with the American Injury Attorney Group can help you or your loved discover whether you are eligible to file a Stryker hip lawsuit. If you have a claim, we can connect you with an affiliated attorney able to file your Stryker hip lawsuit and guide you through the legal process. Contact American Injury Attorney Group today; we are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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