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Stryker Hip Failure- What You Need to Know About Revision Surgery

Stryker Hip Failure

Stryker Hip FailureDefective hip implants and hip replacement recalls can have a dramatic, negative impact on a person’s quality of life. A Stryker hip recall lawyer can provide greater insight on any potential legal claims in relation. Should you have any questions or would like to arrange a free consultation, contact the American Injury Attorney Group today.

About Revision Surgery

On July 6th of 2012 a recall was issued for the ABG II Modular-Neck Stem and Rejuvenate hip implants due to Stryker hip failure. Corrosion was allegedly accelerated in the implants due to mechanical failure causing the release of Cobalt and Chromium ions into the body. These metal ions are absorbed into surrounding tissues and the bloodstream causing complications for the patient further down the road. Patients affected by the recall were often subject to a “Revision Surgery”.

Patients that participate in high-impact activities or reach the maximum life of the implant can face Stryker hip failure. Most patients will need at least one revision surgery to replace a failing implant. The expected lifespan of most replacements is 10 to 15 years though newer models can push up to 20 years. The surgery required for Stryker hip failure to replace the implant often requires a more skilled hand than the one that put in the original. Most of these cases are referred to an orthopedic treatment center where a specialist can perform the needed revision surgery.  A doctor will work with the patient to determine if revision surgery is right or if a change in lifestyle can help lengthen the life of the implant.
<>h4>Do I Need A Revision Surgery?

Individuals facing a Stryker hip failure will address this question with their doctor to ascertain the best course of action. The most common symptoms of a potential problem are sudden, unexpected pain and limited mobility in the joint. The patient may face difficulty walking or inflammation in the surrounding tissues from the implant.

Patients affected by recalls should not wait before getting evaluated by their orthopedic doctors. Physical symptoms may not be noticeable until there is already significant damage done, including but not limited to; bone density and muscle loss, hypothyroidism, cardiomyopathy, and neurological damage. It can even affect the patient’s hearing and vision. Though damage is often centralized, the metal can cause greater damage if it passes into the bloodstream. 

Blood tests and X-Rays can be utilized to detect abnormalities with an implant or elevated levels of Chromium before any damage is caused. Therefore, it is important to consult with a doctor for a possible revision surgery if faced with a Stryker hip failure.

The Legal Aspects Of The Stryker Hip Failure

Liability is always a concern for companies. A malfunction or defect can result in a number of problems for the person with the implant. In response, a company will often issue a recall, like Stryker did for the Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular-Neck Stem, to help minimize both damage to patients and their own financial liability. 

Even still, the company may bear liability for the following in connection with a Stryker hip failure:

  • a negative affect on the patient’s physical and mental health
  • loss of earning ability and wages
  • past and future medical expenses incurred by the defective equipment
  • disfigurement or scarring incurred by replacing the defective equipment
  • the amount of time the patient was affected by the defective equipment

In the event a defective Stryker hip replacement is removed, it is a good idea to retain control of the hardware rather than surrendering it back to the company. It could be an important piece of evidence if there is an actionable case. This is typically accomplished through an approved medical device retrieval company. We can provide more information on consultation.

Contact the American Injury Attorney Group Today if You’ve Dealt with Stryker Hip Failure

Your health and well-being should be at the top of your priority list. If a Stryker hip failure has negatively impacted your life or you have any questions, contact the American Injury Attorney Group today. We can help evaluate your situation and connect you with an affiliated attorney. Consultation is no obligation, free and can provide clarity on whether or not you have a claim. Don’t spend your time suffering or in pain. Contact us today!


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