Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Urgent Information about recalled Stryker Hip Implants.

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit | Stryker Recalls the Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular Hips

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit

When individuals experience pain in one or both hips, the cause is usually a degenerative joint disease known as osteoarthritis. This debilitating condition causes cartilage, a tough and flexible connective tissue that covers the ends of bones at a joint, to start deteriorating. If enough cartilage wears away, the bones start rubbing against each other, causing stiffness, pain, instability, swelling, and a wide range of other complications.

Doctors and surgeons that specialize in the musculoskeletal system can advise patients suffering from osteoarthritis to pursue treatments that don’t require surgery, such as exercise and weight management. Many patients are also prescribed cortisone injections, topical pain medication, and other forms of pain medication. But if the osteoarthritis has progressed past a certain point, the aforementioned treatments are no longer viable and hip replacement surgery becomes the only option.

Hip replacement surgery is done by replacing the the top of the thighbone and the hip socket with artificial components that are usually made of metal or a metal alloy. Hundreds of thousands of these surgeries have been performed across the United States. Most of these procedures are pulled off without a hitch, but there are some exceptions.

Dozens of medical device manufacturers that produce metal on metal hip implant systems have had to initiate recalls because the metal components are deteriorating faster than expected. When the metal components rub together, friction causes metal debris to seep into the bloodstream. This causes a variety of issues, such as swelling of the hip(s), osteolysis (dissolution of bone), pseudo-tumor formation, and metal toxicity known as “metallosis.”

These defective implant systems were released into the market without proper inspections by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The current procedure for hip implant systems to receive the “stamp of approval” is certainly not stringent. If a hip implant system awaiting approval is similar enough to systems already on the market, it can be released without thorough inspection. Because of this inappropriate procedure, many individuals are now experiencing unnecessary suffering.

Stryker Orthopedics has voluntarily recalled two of their metal on metal hip implant models: the “Rejuvenate” and “ABG II” systems. This Stryker hip recall occurred after the FDA received over sixty reports of the systems failing. In a press release acknowledging the Stryker hip recall, the company admitted that the metal components in their systems were not living up to expectations.

As of yet, two Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit have reached a conclusion. However, the results of these trials show no clear trend as to how future and current Stryker hip lawsuits will fare.

One individual who filed a Stryker hip lawsuit, a retired prison guard from Los Angeles, received $8.3 million in compensation for the suffering and medical expenses brought about by his defective hip implant. Conversely, another individual failed to receive compensation after a Chicago grand jury decided that the medical device manufacturer made no fault in how they marketed their hip implant system.

Although there is hardly any data revealing what kind of compensation individuals experiencing complications with their metal-on-metal implants will receive, it’s important that action be taken without hesitation. Every state has different statutes of limitations regarding how long a patient has to file a Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit; failure to file a Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit in time could result in no compensation being received at all.

If you or a loved is experiencing complications after receiving a metal-on-metal hip implant from Stryker, don’t hesitate to contact the American Injury Attorney Group for a free consultation. Our affiliated lawyers can help get you on the right track towards recovery.

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