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FDA Labels Stryker Spinal Implant Deadly

Stryker spinal implantStryker Spinal Implant Recall

In August 2013, the FDA issued a recall of the Stryker spinal implant. The Oasys devices are implanted into the spine to promote fusion of the vertebrae at the base of the skull and in the neck. Pins in the devices can break and cause serious complications such as bleeding, nerve injury and death. The FDA urgent recall has a Class I designation, indicating that people with the devices are at high risk of injury and death.

The FDA recall was issued a few months after Stryker initiated voluntary recalls of the devices in May. The company warned surgeons, hospitals and other professionals that the Stryker spinal implant was faulty and should no longer be used in surgeries. Facilities were asked to return any devices they had in stock and physicians were warned to monitor patients’ implants for problems. Many patients have needed revision surgeries, which are procedures that are needed to correct problems in implants.

The Stryker spinal implant recall comes just one year after another round of recalls due to problems with the company’s devices. In 2012, the company had to recall its Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants after patients made complaints to the FDA. They experienced pain and swelling at the implant site. Some experienced symptoms of metal poisoning when the implant materials began to degrade, releasing metal into the blood. The hip replacement recalls cost Stryker over $400 million in damages, paid to patients who needed revision surgeries and who experienced pain and suffering because of the company’s defective devices. More lawsuits related to the defective hip replacement devices are in progress.

Symptoms of the Stryker Spinal Implant

Symptoms of Stryker spinal implant failure are pain, weakness and numbness. If you think that your implant is one recalled by the FDA it is critical that you seek medical treatment immediately. These symptoms can quickly lead to more serious complications such as nerve damage and internal bleeding. Even if you do not have these symptoms, you should make regular appointments with your surgeon to ensure that the implant is not in danger of failing.

Many patients have needed revision surgery to correct their Stryker spinal implant failures. The medical bills that result from a device malfunction can cause patients to accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Patients must miss work to recuperate from surgery or injuries and some have been left disabled because of their injury.

Stryker Recalls and Lawsuits

Between hip recalls and spinal implant recalls, Stryker is no stranger to defective devices and lawsuits. If you have experienced complications from your Stryker spinal implant that have left you deep in debt and out of work, you may be entitled to compensation from Stryker for your injuries and lost wages. Over the last year, Stryker has paid millions of dollars in judgments and settlements to people who received their hip replacement implants. People are already filing lawsuits against the company after the FDA announcement issuing the Class I recall.

You may be considering not filing suit against the company. Many people consider representing themselves during settlement hearings. However, you should call an attorney to represent you in all legal matters, including your Stryker spinal implant suit. Attorneys from the American Injury Attorney Group are ready to assess your case and begin the legal proceedings that could get you the compensation you deserve. The attorneys affiliated with the American Injury Attorney Group have years of experience fighting for people who have been harmed by negligent medical corporations. We offer free consultations and you only pay if you win your case.

Stryker has endangered thousands of people by marketing and selling defective products. The complications from the spinal implant are potentially deadly, and the hip implants have allegedly injured many people. Contact the American Injury Attorney Group as soon as possible if you have received one of these implants so you can get your questions answered and consider pursuing compensation.

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