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Study Finds Stryker Hip Replacement Problems

Stryker Hip Replacement Problems

Stryker Hip Replacement ProblemsStryker Hip Replacement Problems

In a recent study published in Orthopaedics Today Europe, Japanese researchers have found that 67 percent of the second-generation metal-on-metal hip implants they revised were positioned outside of the safe zone. The researchers concluded that these devices are positively associated with adverse reactions.

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Second-Generation Implants May Cause Complications

The study, performed by Japanese investigators, found that second-generation metal-on-metal hip implant devices exhibited evidence of wear and that several patients had experienced adverse reactions to metal debris up to 15 years following implantation.

According to the researchers, the survival rate at the 15-year endpoint was 94.9 percent, with 71.2 percent of patients requiring a revision procedure at that time. The study examined 87 patients between 1997 and 2002 and used two different metal-on-metal cups with the same bearings. In the follow-up study, participants included 42 women and nine men, with an average age of 60 years. The average follow-up analysis occurred at 12.3 years; the latest occurred at 15 years.

Additionally, 12 patients’ hips showed evidence of stem neck notch formation, meaning that impingement had taken place. Hip impingement, or when the ball-shaped femoral head abnormally rubs or does not have a full range of motion in the acetabular socket, may lead to damage and pain in the patient’s hip joint. In the study, two patients developed adverse reactions to metal shards or metal toxicity, and each of those patients also had neck impingement.

Researchers concluded that there is little benefit for continued use of metal-on-metal hip implant devices in total hip arthroplasty due to the high potential for adverse reactions in patients. Metal toxicity, or metallosis, may cause swelling, inflammation, pain even when not moving, dislocation, hip replacement failure, loosening of the implant, bone deterioration and the need for subsequent hip replacement or revision procedures, among other complications.

Importance of Seeking Counsel

Although lawsuits alleging Stryker hip replacement problems are currently pending in a federal multidistrict litigation and several Stryker settlements have been made, those who have been injured due to the metal-on-metal hip implants should still consider filing their own lawsuits to seek compensation for their Stryker hip replacement problems.

It is important to seek legal counsel regarding your injuries, as you may still be entitled to hold the manufacturer accountable for your condition. Depending on the Stryker hip replacement problems you are experiencing, you may be entitled to seek compensation for loss of income, lost wages, pain and suffering and medical expenses such as revision procedures. Contact an experienced attorney to learn more about your legal rights and pursuing a claim against the manufacturer.

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